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Heidi's Photo Album





A picture of Sierra pawing at her hay

Sierra and Tequila sniffing for the first time..

Sierra Chasing Tequila

Hi to all visitors.......  You have reached the page of my beloved Sierra,  She is a PMU foal I adopted from  in 2002, Now for those that do not know what PMU stands for...  It is...  "Pregnant Mare Urine"  She came from a ranch in Canada,  Where they produce and Sell The Mares Urine, to the drug companies to produce Estrogen and other hormone like Therapy Drugs for us Females.  The end result.....  all these babies that need homes after they are born.  See above link to "Foalquest" for more in depth information. Sierra is a registered Appaloosa, her registered name, that I had the pleasure of picking out is "Sierra Sheza Rocking"  her Sire is " Really Rocking"  and her dam is "OK Ms Brite Star".  She was born May 18, 2002.  And in these pictures is 17 months old. Sierra has blown me away with her athleticism, and personality, she  also has the moves of a reining and cutting prospect.  So quick and agile. Yet so friendly and loving.  I have been progressing steadily with her ground training, She is a very fast learner. But do not plan to ride her until she is at least two and a half years old. I am really wanting to get her into a Reining when she is mature and old enough...  So be watching for updates..... Update: 01/25/04,  Sierra has become very graceful, athletic,,,  and what a turd...  HA HA !!!  she gives my gelding, "KING"  hell,  She rules the roost  around here among horses,  She made her presence and status known to Tequila a couple days ago when I turned them in together.  She wasn't mean,  but kept Tequila on the move until i broke up the party.   Sierra is now a little over 20 months old,  and looking very good.  I am looking forward to ground driving her real soon.  She is a peice of cake to handle,, and our next lesson of driving should be interesting... stay tuned for updates.