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Heidi's Photo Album





King and Tequila getting to know one another

King telling Tequila to back off,

Oh What Can I say about my "Big Boy"???   King is the love of my life.....  My dad and I bought his Mother at a production auction back in 1986???  She had a foal by her side,  and was bred back to the same stud,,  Soon to deliver My "Kingers".   He was so darn cute when he was born.....  I did all the training on him over the years,  and took my sweet ole time..  He is "Cowy",  and I am just so sad that I never pushed further into that.  He would have been a great Cutting horse.  But I was young and had other things to do.....  So now my old man drags me all over the mountains,  goes Camping with me,  and is a great companion.  He always greets me with a nicker, or a whinny,  no matter how many times I walk past him.  We have been through some hard times together,  one being when he twisted his gut back in 1995.  I thought it was the end,  But My Boyfriend Sam pushed the issue, and we put him through Surgery..  I am so thankful for Sam pushing the issue.  I still have my riding companion Whom by the way is helping me raise Sierra,  and teaching her Humility.....  HA HA !!!  He has been great with her. We have ponied, chased, and just had fun.  I plan on enlisting his help With Tequila........ Of whom you will read about on another page.. UPDATE:  as of 01/25/04  well by the picture above, It tells you that King has started on Tequila,  Poor guy is surrounded by nosy woman,  but bless his heart handles them so well,  never mean, just gives them a quick swipe, and he is done. It won't be long until I put him under saddle and try ponying Tequila off of him..   He is such a trooper,  I don't know what I would do without his help,  stay tuned for mor updates.