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Heidi's Photo Album

the picture I actually picked Tequila from on the web

Tequila at home the first week


Tequila being chased by Sierra

Tequila having fun while playing with Sierra

Tequila prancing while still being chased By Sierra

Hi and Welcome to Tequila's page......  She is the second PMU foal that I have adopted through   She was born May 11, 2003.    She is a Percheron Paint Cross,  The first picture is the one I actually picked her out from on the internet,  the other two are since she has been home. She has been a bit elusive to attention unless I have grain in my lap. But Sam and I got a hold of her yesterday 11/23/03..... Or I should Say Sam did........  She put up quite the fight, but he persevered...  and by the end of the session she actually was following us on a leadrope..  I went out to day and worked with her, 11/24/03,  and was amazed at how easy she was to handle..  I did not have to put any pressure on the leadrope,  whichever way I walked she was right there.  I was so relieved....... HA HA !!!  I don't know what this little girls plans are,  She may just be a trail horse.....  She has been home less than a month so far,  So I am unsure of her capabilities........  But please stay tuned,  as I will be updating.......  and will let you all know.......  Thanks again for visiting...   and please be sure to check out My Favorite Trail Rides pictures......... currently as of 12/20/03,  I have made great progress with her.  I can pet, scratch, and groom her all over, at any time with no restraints,  Update::  01/25/04   Well  I have been able to take her out on adventures out of her corral, which she truly likes. I have been unable to pick up her hooves for any  longer than about one second UNTIL TODAY!!!!!   I used my other two horses as examples yesterday,  and flaunted it in her face.....  Well It worked!!!  I was finally able to pick them up today, Out of desperation a couple weeks ago,  Her front toes were way too long,  I tied her to a post and got down on my hands and knees with a hoof file, and started filing away with  her hooves still on the ground,  Now don't you think that was  ammo for Americas Funniest home video??  I got them filed down and they look so much better.  She has turned into being a very bright Filly,  and it only takes one time for her to learn things,  My dad had her pinned right on the head when he saw pix of her and said,  she has a stubborn streak,  but, once she learns something,  it is going to stick,  and you will not have an issue after that,  He was right..... I removed her halter yesterday for the first time,  and she had no problem with me today putting it back on.  I got a chance to measure her today, and at her withers she is 53",  or 13.25 hands.  at 8 months old. She has grown 3 inches in the last two months.  Please stay tuned as I update and tell more adventurous tales.